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Training tails for happy tales.

We have a mission. It's to enhance both the lives of dogs and humans.

Since 1989, Gina at Clearwater Dog Training in Denver Colorado has trained hundreds of dogs, from the smallest Chihuahua to the largest Mastiff. We train all breeds, and specialize from puppy training (beginning at 8 weeks old) to the very problematic adult dog. Training sessions begin in private class. A private class provides the platform to understand your worries, concerns and fears about your current situation. You and your dog have a unique relationship that is much like a fingerprint. We want to help you understand your dog and understand how you and your dog relate relate to each other. Once your dog completes private classes, you can begin participating in group classes, where you and your dog will continue honing your obedience skills with the distractions of other people and animals. Our program consists of 8 private training sessions (half hour classes) topped off with unlimited group sessions!


Gina Krehbiel

Master Dog Trainer, Owner

Educating, and creating dogs with excellent manners and fruitful, positive relationships with their families is what Gina seeks to contribute and teach to all who enter the doors at Clearwater Dog Training..

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Tom Riggs

Dog Trainer, Admin

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Adventure Instructor

When you feel like you need a hug, Thistle is always there to brighten the day.



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